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Birthdate:Feb 22
Location:Oregon, United States of America
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Hate is not a Christian value.

No matter what my username might sound like, I'm not into Star Trek OR Buffy. ^_^ I'm epileptic, and take Trileptal. One of the side effects is being able to sunburn in about, oh, 30 seconds flat. -_-;; Add to that the fact that I'm a redhead, and you get someone who stays in the house as much as possible during the day. XD The borg part comes from that I have a VNS (Vagal Nerve Stimulator - a decent non-techie explaination is here) installed. It's kind of a combo pacemaker/reset button for the brain. So now all my geek buddies are jealous because I'm a cyborg before they were. :D

On December 12tha day to be scheduled after a moron screwed up the order for my CT January 23rd 2007, a good sized chunk of my brain is parting parted ways with me. In liu of flowers, buy me crap to read while I'm recovering. ♥

Feel free to friend if you want, just comment and tell me who you are. Same thing goes for IMing - if you don't say where you got my user name from, I'll block you without thinking twice.

I like it when people buy me things. It makes me happy. I have a list. ♥

I'm a college student, and have been for way too long. One of these years I'll graduate, maybe. :P

[personal profile] lazulisong is my wonderful awesome beautiful twin that I worship with every breath I take. Also we know each other's passwords.

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